What are the Best Trumpets for Sale Today?

  • LJ Hutchen
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Best Student Trumpet
  • Price: $

  • King 2055 Silver Flair
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Best Intermediate Trumpet
  • Price: $$$

  • Bach Stradivarius 180S37 Professional Trumpet
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Best Professional Trumpet
  • Price: $$$$$

A little overwhelmed by all the trumpets for sale? Not to worry TopRatedTrumpets.com is here to help! The sheer number of trumpets available today IS a bit overwhelming especially if you are new to playing the trumpet or shopping for a student player. Here you will find reviews of the best student, intermediate and professional level trumpets based on overall quality, value and customer ratings to help you pick the trumpet that is best for you.

To start here are 15 of the best rated trumpets ranging from entry-level to professional grade trumpets.

Allora AATR-101BbStudent3.5$
Etude ETR-100BbStudent4.1$
LJ HutchenBbStudent4.8$
Yamaha YTR-2335BbStudent4.9$$
Getzen 390 SeriesBbStudent4.9$$
Getzen 590-S CapriBbIntermediate5.0$$
Giardinelli GTR 512BbIntermediate4.6$$
King 2055 Silver FlairBbIntermediate5.0$$$
Bach TR200BbIntermediate4.8$$$$
Conn 52BSP CONNstellationBbIntermediate5.0$$$
Kanstul 1000 SeriesBbProfessional4.9$$$$
Getzen 900S Eterna ClassicBbProfessional5.0$$$
Bach 180S37 StradivariusBbProfessional4.9$$$$$
Yamaha YTR-8310Z Bobby ShewBbProfessional5.0$$$$
Yamaha YTR-8335 XenoBbProfessional5.0$$$$$

Included in the table above are:

  • Trumpet picture
  • Trumpet manufacture and model (click for more information or to purchase)
  • Trumpet key
  • Trumpet grade - Student trumpets are an entry-level instrument, Intermediate trumpets are for advancing players, and Professional trumpets are for advanced player
  • Rating - The average user rating on Amazon.com. This can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase.
  • Price - These are approximate prices on Amazon.com. These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. But generally speaking: (1) under $500, (2) $500 to $1,500, (3) $1,500 to $2,000, (4) $2,000 to $2,500, and (5) $2,500+.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier.

What Type of Trumpet Do I Need?

The trumpets listed above range in price from $170 to over $2500 and reflect the difference from a Student to an Intermediate to a Professional grade trumpet. So first off, you'll need to decide which grade trumpet you are looking for.

Student Trumpets

Student trumpets are designed for younger players (middle school to high school). They are designed to be easy to play and durable. By durable I mean they typically have more bracing and are made from a heavier gauge metal, particularly the bell section. Student trumpets are basically built like a tank to withstand the inevitable bangs and clanks they will experience at the hand of a young student and yet continue to play well.

Inexpensive Student Trumpet
LJ Hutchen Bb TrumpetIf you are just starting out playing the trumpet and not even sure you will continue playing beyond middle school, than an inexpensive student trumpet like the LJ Hutchen trumpet will more than suffice.

For around $200, which is less than the price of renting a trumpet for a year, you get a quality instrument that will more than carry you through middle school.

Click here to read a full review of the LJ Hutchen trumpet.

An added benefit to buying on inexpensive student horn is that if you do decide to continue playing the trumpet, you can later buy a higher quality instrument for concerts and keep your inexpensive horn for marching band or pep band, i.e., any place that involves bleachers which are notoriously tough on instruments!

High Quality Student Trumpet
Yamaha YTR-2335 TrumpetIf you are pretty certain you will continue playing the trumpet for more than just a few years then you might consider investing is a high quality student trumpet.

The Yamaha YTR-2330 is one the most popular student trumpets for sale today.

For the average young trumpet player, a high quality student trumpet will more than suffice through high school and is suitable for concert band, jazz band, marching band and pep band.

The Yamaha YTR-2330 is built tough and will handle the rigors of the marching field and those trumpet clanging bleachers!

Student vs. Intermediate Trumpet - What's the Difference

The trade-off of a student trumpet being built like a tank is diminished tone quality or tone color (aka timbre). The heavier gauge metal used in making a student trumpet bell durable lessens the resonance of the trumpet, that is it dampens the sound.

This is not a problem for the average student player, but if you have hopes to play at a higher level, for instance in a district orchestra band, a jazz ensemble or as a soloist, then you will need to upgrade to an intermediate or professional grade trumpet.

Affordable Intermediate Trumpet

Getzen 590-S Capri TrumpetOne of the best, yet affordable, intermediate trumpets on the market today is the Getzen 590 Capri Series trumpet.

The Getzen 590 Capri boasts of excellent craftsmanship, flawless sound quality, and has those legendary Getzen valves that are as smooth as cut glass! The Getzen 590 trumpet has also stood the test of time having been manufactured for more than 25 years.

You can read a full review of the Getzen 590 trumpet here.

When to Get a Professional Trumpet

Despite the name, you don't need to be a professional trumpeter to get a professional grade trumpet. The name simply refers to the best trumpets available. Professional trumpets typically start around $2,000 though, so if you are just starting to play the trumpet you might want to hold off getting a professional trumpet until you are sure you plan to continue playing.

So what's the difference between a $200 student trumpet and $2000 professional trumpet? Actually, not as much as you might think. After all, a trumpet is a trumpet, at least technically speaking. Where a student trumpet and professional trumpet differ is in the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship used in making the trumpet, both of which affect the sound quality of the trumpet. Obviously, professional level trumpets are made with the best of both.

Top Professional Trumpets

There are lots and lots of excellent professional trumpets on the market. Finding the one that is best for you largely comes down to personal preference. Two pro horns that come highly recommended and that you might consider are the Kanstul 1000 and the Bach Stradivarius.

Best Value Professional Trumpet
Kanstul Chicago TrumpetThe Kanstul 1000 trumpet is one of the best values for a professional level trumpet available today, considering overall quality, price and customer satisfaction.

The Kanstul 1000 Series Bb trumpets bears a striking resemblance to the Chicago Benge trumpets designed by Elden Benge many years ago, hence it is also known as the Kanstul Chicago trumpet. This trumpet is loved for its tremendous projection and a lively texture to the tone that is both brilliant and warm. With three bore sizes to choose from the Kanstul 1000 is very versatile and will meet the needs of most professionals from big band to the symphony.

You can read a full review of the Kanstul 1000 here.

Most Popular Professional Trumpet
Bach 180S37 Stradivarius trumpet with caseOf course if you want the very best professional trumpet then you have to consider the Bach 180S37 Stradivarius that is used by more professional orchestral players around the world than any other trumpet.

The reason being is that the Bach Stradivarius has a brilliant yet warm sound that just seems to define what a trumpet should sound like.

At home in a jazz ensemble to a concert setting and everything between. The Bach Stradivarius is one of those horns an advancing player could get in high school and keep for a lifetime.

Click here to read a full review of the Bach Stradivarius 180S37.

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  1. Thanks for visiting our site and I will mark your site for a possible post in the future.
    Your work is very valuable to out readers.

    Bruce Chidester

  2. Being a trumpet geek (I have a degree in music education, and trumpet is my instrument), I read with great interest your article listing the best professional trumpets on the market today. While all the horns you’ve listed are good choices (I own a Bach Strad 180S37, and hope to try the others on your list), as the proud owner of a Schilke B5 in addition to my Strad, I wonder why there are no Schilkes listed.

    1. Hi Frank,

      The list could definitely be a lot longer and the Schilke B5 is certainly a very fine trumpet. I may have to add that one!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I need a professional trumpet that is not more than R3000.00. preferably Yamaha, Bach, Getzen and Schilke or any best trumpet instrument that will prevent my burning.

    1. Hi Given,
      If i did the conversion right 3000 ZAR is about 300 USD. It will be difficult to find a pro level horn for that much. You might find an used horn on eBay but you would have to get lucky.

  4. Your Comment:
    “The trade-off of a student trumpet being built like a tank is diminished tone quality or tone color (aka timbre). The heavier gauge metal used in making a student trumpet bell durable lessens the resonance of the trumpet, that is it dampens the sound.”

    I believe if anything “dampens” the sound of the trumpet, it’s the water accumulation. This can be corrected by simply operating the water key and blowing. Obviously there are a number of things that damp ( to restrict motion or intensity) sound. The mute is a common method. Certainly the gauge of the metal and various other design qualities can affect damping. Just pointing out the difference between “dampening” and “damping”.

  5. I’m surprised That the King Silver Flair is only rated as an intermiate horn. I own a one from 1976 that I still play for its brightness. I actually perfer it for most playing compared to my Bach ML37 Strad.

  6. @Charlie–your Silver Flair is different from the ones being made today..Silver Flairs from the 1960’s and 70’s (like yours) were pro-level horns made by the H.N. White company, which originally made King instruments..I believe Dizzy Gillespie and Conte Candoli played Silver Flairs during this period..current Silver Flairs, on the other hand, are intermediate-level horns made by United Musical Instruments, or UMI, which took over the King brand name after H.N. White went out of business, so the reviewer wasn’t throwing the Silver Flair under the bus, so to speak–the ones being made today aren’t the same quality horn that you have..

  7. By the way, my information on the current maker of King instruments isn’t completely correct–UMI is now owned by Conn-Selmer, which also makes Bach and Conn trumpets. Jim Donaldson’s Trumpet Gearhead website has the accurate chronology of what happened to H.N. White, Benge and several other once-independent manufacturers, if you’re interested–I am, but as I said in an earlier post, I’m a trumpet geek!!

  8. By the way, my information on the current maker of King instruments isn’t completely correct–UMI is now owned by Conn-Selmer, which also makes Bach and Conn trumpets. Jim Donaldson’s Trumpet Gearhead website has the accurate chronology of what happened to H.N. White, Benge and several other once-independent manufacturers, if you’re interested–I am!!

  9. If you haven’t yet checked out Prof. Bill Pfund’s top quality professional trumpets (in all keys), cornets, and flugelhorns for less than $2000 (!), don’t miss the chance. They play like horns costing 2-3 times more. I have bought 3, and a professional colleague has at least 6.

  10. You should try the Roy Benson Charli Green trumpet. I know it is ‘just’ a chinese brand, but it is the best horn I ever owned and played. It is only about 500$ but i am sure it can compete with professional horns. Really, I am not a stock holder or anyhow related to Roy Benson factories, just an advanced amateur player.

  11. I own a Getzen 590-s And a 900s eterna.I have played Getzen since 1976.I have no issues with Getzen.I would like to try Schilke some day since I play on schike 18 and a 14c2.I like big sound and tone

  12. What is your opinion of the Conn Vintage 1? I am in the market, and tried out several different horns, and I love the size and darkness of the V1 sound. How does it stand up over time? And is it a good value (shelf price about $2000)?

    1. Only you can answer that question, but there were some real smarts that went into those horns. Really great line.

  13. Looking at a Blessings ML 1 trumpet for my son. Can anyone tell me if this is a good trumpet , if it is a student or intermediate.

  14. My daughter is minoring in trumpet in college. We recently were looking at a B & S Challenger 3137. What are your reviews on this trumpet as a professional trumpet? Thank you!

    1. Hi Diane, Sorry for the delayed response. B&S trumpets have a good reputation and the Challenger 3137 is a great entry level pro horn. Let us know how your daughter likes it.

    1. The machining and hand finishing of the valves certainly affects the quality of the instrument significantly. The valves on higher end trumpets are typically hand-finished and fitted to ensure optimal performance. The better trumpets also have hand-hammered bells which also improves overall quality. The less expensive trumpets are typically mass produced and not hand finished. Although manufacturing capabilities, particularly in China, have improved significantly over the last 10 years.

    1. Hi Sharon, Yes the Getzen 770sp is considered an intermediate or step up trumpet. It was made specifically for one of Getzen’s major dealers but is similar to the 590 series.

  15. I see you have nothing about Jupiter, especially the XO line. I ‘road tested’ a 1604 XO against several Yamaha’s, especially the 8335 and 8345, and a Bach strad 37, and it was the top dog, at least with my tone any playing style. I have a Kanstul 1000, which you rate very highly, and I would say this Jupiter is at least as good.

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