Bach TR200 Intermediate Trumpet Review

Bach TR200 Trumpet

The Bach TR200 trumpet is one of the best selling intermediate trumpets and made our list of the top 15 trumpets for sale today.

Those transitioning from student to intermediate level can enjoy a smooth transition with the Bach TR200 that is of the finest quality and craftsmanship. This trumpet serves both amateurs as well as advanced students.

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  • 4.75-inch, two-piece hand-hammered bell and medium-large 0.459-inch bore provides for quick response, superb tone and excellent projection
  • Stradivarius-style, one-piece valve casing and Monel valves result in smooth action
  • A case, mouthpiece and valve oil are included with the Bach TR200 Series Bb Trumpet

Players of the Bach TR200 give it a 4.8 (out of 5.0) star rating.


Bach TR200 trumpet gold
Key: Bb
Bore: 0.459-inch (medium-lage)
Leadpipe: Standard Taper
Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass
Bell: 4.75-inch Two-Piece Hand-Hammered
Bell Material: Yellow Brass
Valves: Monel Piston
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Finger Ring with Adjustable Slide Stop
Features: Nickel Silver Tuning Slide Receiver; Stradivarius-Style Valve Casing; Two-Point Nylon Valve Guides
Case: Wood Shell Case
Mouthpiece: Bach 7C
Finish: Available in Lacquered Yellow Brass or Silver-plate

Bach TR200 trumpet_silver

Best Selling Trumpet But Not the Easiest to Play

The Bach TR200 is one the best selling intermediate trumpets on the market but several reviewers noted it is not the easiest trumpet to play in the high register,

Fantastic sounds...a bit difficult to play

My first experience with the Bach TR200 was when I started my own band. This is a great trumpet with fantastic sounds. However, it is difficult to use especially when you are not familiar with it. For seven years now, I have been playing trumpets. I found it a bit difficult to play this trumpet in the high register although this is one common challenge that I found when using other trumpets.

...poor in upper register

I have played several different types of beginner and intermediate trumpets. My experience with the Bach TR200 was that it cuts off and it is poor when it comes to the upper register. On good days I can hit a fantastic E and on a bad day, even the Top C is unattainable. I also have some issues with tounging. However, this is not unusual since I have only been playing for five years.

I'm not sure if the noted difficulty in the high register is more of a reflection of the players ability or an issue with the Bach TR200 to perform in this range. With some horns, the resistance is equal throughout the range. On the Bach TR200, it sounds like the resistance might increase a bit the higher you tried to ascend. If this is the case, then if nothing else it will help develop your embouchure!

Great Intermediate Horn

For the serious student looking to advance their playing skills the Bach TR200 is a great intermediate trumpet as numerous satisfied customers noted in their reviews,

Great trumpet...

...during the important skill building years of my high school and college career, I played this trumpet and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone serious about trumpet who can not afford the Stradivarius. You will not regret it!

It's a great horn.

This horn has a great sound to it, especially for concert and marching band. I've grown up on the Bach TR300; it's a great starter horn, but the TR200 by far has been a great horn to play on.

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So Does the Bach TR200 Trumpet Deliver?

Based on the above reviews it sounds like the Bach TR200 is a solid intermediate horn and would be a good option for an advancing trumpet player. You might want to try this horn out before buying just to see if you have the same difficulty playing in the high register as some of the reviewers noted. Given the horn is a Bach, though, I'd be inclined to think this a pretty solid horn.

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2 thoughts on “Bach TR200 Intermediate Trumpet Review

  1. I am an advanced trumpet player. i play in concert band and the advanced invite only jazz band .but I am not sure if I should get this music teacher recommended it to me but I am still not sure can someone let me know if I should get it

    1. Hi James,

      The TR200 is a very nice horn that would more than suit your needs. It’s a bit expensive (in my opinion) for an intermediate level horn. You could get a pro-level Bach Strad for a few hundred dollars more. I would recommend trying the horn if you can before purchasing to see if it suits your style. If you do have the opportunity to test play one, remember to bring your own mouthpiece.

      Good luck!

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