Etude ETR-100 Trumpet Review

Etude ETR-100 student trumpet

The Etude ETR-100 trumpet is an affordable horn that made our best student trumpets list. The generous bore of the Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet makes it easy for a beginner to play while learning to form notes accurately. A beautiful red brass lead pipe adds to it's overall appearance and makes it easier to take care of. Crafted both for easy tone production and great projection, Etude ETR-100 is a great option for beginner trumpet players.


  • Ideal for small hands
  • First-valve thumb saddle
  • Adjustable third-valve finger ring
  • Easy intonation adjustment
  • Red brass lead pipe helps fight corrosion

With over 25 five-star reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.1 stars (out of 5.0), the Etude ETR-100 is a popular student trumpet.

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Etude Student Trumpet close up


  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: 0.460"
  • Lead Pipe: Standard Taper
  • Lead Pipe Material: Red Brass
  • Bell: 5" 2-piece
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Valves: Stainless Steel
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Ring with Slide Stop
  • Features: One Key Valve Guides
  • Case: Molded ABS Plastic
  • Mouthpiece: 7C
  • Finish: Lacquer

Built for Student Trumpet Players

As shown in the video below, one of the best features of the ETR-100 trumpet is that it was built specifically for young student players.

Case is a Little Smalll

A few reviewers of this horn noted the case the trumpet comes with is not the best and little too small.

"...The case could be better. Be aware that the main tuning slide MUST be completely pushed in for the case to close properly, don't force it! Also, there is basically no padding between the case and the bell of the trumpet. This could lead to a damaged instrument down the road. Not a problem for me (adult) but could be for a child."

Overall, most reviews of this horn have been very good as noted below.

Good Starter Trumpet

The Etude ETR-100 Trumpet is built to be securely handled by small or inexperienced hands with a first-valve thumb saddle and an adjustable third valve finger ring. These enhancements also make the Etude ETR-100 more comfortable to hold, allowing novice performers to pay more attention to intonation.

The suitability for the ETR-100 for young players was regularly noted in reviews of parents who bought this trumpet for their child,

Good First Trumpet

"...I would recommend to any student level child or beginner trumpet, I have played trumpet for 9 years and this is a easy to play trumpet with good sound and just a good first level instrument."

Great Buy!

"...This instrument is fantastic and my son loves it. He's a beginner so he's efforts are a little rough, but this instrument still sounds great and it was an awesome price for the quality."

Good for the Price

"...Was looking for a trumpet for my daughter for 6th grade school band. Found this one for 100 bucks and thought what the heck. It came in 3 days with free shipping and was better then I thought."

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Etude Student Trumpet with case


So what's the bottom line on the Etude ETR-100 student trumpet? Based on customer feedback, the ETR-100 is a good, affordable horn that's designed for young student players who are just starting out. If you are not sure your child is going to stick to playing the trumpet and you are looking to save a few bucks over renting, the ETR-100 is a great option.

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