Getzen 300 Series Trumpet Review

Getzen 390 trumpet with case

Getzen trumpets have been widely used by generations of beginning brass players and the Getzen 300 Series Trumpet, in particular the Getzen 390, is no different. An extremely popular entry level instrument, the Getzen 300 series trumpet cracked our top 5 student trumpet list.

The Getzen 300 series trumpet features nickel silver slides and a hand spun bell. A wire reinforced rim and seamless yellow brass bell adds to its durability. The comfortable grip makes this an excellent student level instrument, capable of handling the demands of a classroom setting.

The mouthpiece tube in the Getzen 300 series trumpet is made with nickel silver as well that increases its anti-corrosion properties. Made along the same lines as the professional grade Getzen trumpets, it comes with nickel silver pistons and provides musicians with a higher quality sound and performance than most student level trumpets. With a clear lacquer or bright silver plate finish, this truly is one of the most worthy options in the entry level instruments, and the fact that it comes with a Getzen Gold Warranty and Lifetime Valve Warranty make it a great value.

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Getzen 300 series trumpet with case


  • Superior quality beginner's trumpet
  • Less resistance as compared to other trumpets in the same category
  • Nickel plated valves have a lifetime guarantee
  • Hand-fit nickel silver slides
  • Smooth valve action along with free blowing that makes it easy to play

The Getzen 300 series trumpet gets high marks and has an average customer rating of 4.9 (out of 5.0) stars.


Key: Bb
Bore: 0.460-inch
Leadpipe: Standard Taper
Leadpipe Material: Nickel Silver
Bell: 4.75-inch Seamless Hand Spun
Bell Material: Yellow Brass
Valves: Nickel Plated Nickel Silver Piston
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Ring with Slide Stop
Case: C-7000 Blue Soft Side
Mouthpiece: Getzen 7C
Finish: Lacquer, Silver

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Pros and Cons of the Getzen 390 Trumpet

Getzen 390 trumpet

Beginners looking to invest in the Getzen 300 series trumpet will find many helpful reviews on the web that are useful in making a more informed decision.

Like with all things, the Getzen 300 series trumpet has garnered some genuine fans, while also failing to impress a few. Let’s take a look at what others are saying about this trumpet.

Not a Pro-level Horn
While the Getzen 300 series trumpet has most of the features a good student quality trumpet must, it does lack in a few select places. It sports a great design and has valves that are better than most in its category, but the intonation and sound quality are not professional level.

One budding musician had this to say,

Considering that it is a student trumpet, the Getzen 390 is not bad. It leaves a lot more to be desired, but at least the lead pipes are almost immune to red-rot, making it a lot more durable than others, while the valves are pretty good too

Being a student level instrument, the Getzen 390 does come with its limitations, though it does have a warm sound, a nice bore and good valve speed, one a professional trumpet player summed it up this way,

I've owned several trumpets over the last 30 years and though the Getzen 390 is not a perfect instrument, it can be the easiest to start with once you learn to explore its potential. However, if you want to play with a professional group, this student horn is not the right choice

Overall most reviews about Getzen 390 trumpet have been very positive but obviously it is not a professional horn.

One Of The Best Student Horns
The Getzen 390 trumpet has been truly appreciated by beginners and students who have been impressed with its performance and believe that this trumpet is really the best horn to begin playing with, as was noted by this mom

After trying several student level horns for my beginning daughter; I found that she preferred the Getzen 390 trumpet to all others. This is an excellent starter trumpet and a good value!

Most players agree that this is a fantastic horn to begin with, especially for high school students. It's very free blowing, easy to practice on, and the valves are the best money can get as an experienced player mentions,

A very well built trumpet, the Getzen 390 has first and second valves slick like butter. The 3rd value could be better, but overall this is definitely an A+ Horn for students

Do we recommend the Getzen 300 Series Trumpet?

Yes, we definitely do, and here is why. The Getzen 300 series trumpet is durable, responsive, free blowing and easy to learn on - all of which are important in a student horn. In addition, the Getzen 390 comes with nickel silver pistons that are smooth as butter and provides musicians with a higher quality sound and performance than you typically expect of a student horn. All these features make this the perfect instrument to explore your playing style with confidence in your early days as a trumpet player.

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