Getzen 590 Capri Trumpet Review

Getzen 590 Capri Trumpet in Gold

The Getzen Capri trumpet is the ideal instrument for the serious, advancing student seeking a more professional sound and made our list of the best intermediate trumpets and top 15 trumpets available today.

Like all Getzen's, the Getzen Capri trumpet features hand-lapped inside slide tubing, and nickel plated nickel silver pistons, plus a lifetime transferable valve warranty.

The leadpipe and inside slides on the Getzen Capri trumpet are all nickel silver, which is highly corrosion resistant, so stuck slides and replacing leadpipes are a thing of the past! The Getzen Capri trumpet is covered by Getzen's Gold Warranty.

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Getzen Capri Trumpet Features

  • Hand-lapped inside slide tubing and receiver minimizes air leakage
  • Nickel-plated nickel pistons are lightening fast and long lasting
  • Unique Amado water keys provide a freer blowing instrument than standard lever water keys
  • Hand spun bell
  • Getzen Gold Warranty provides lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects

The Getzen Capri trumpet garners a perfect 5.0 (out of 5.0) star rating from players of this horn.

Getzen 590 Capri Specifications

Key: Bb
Bore Size: 0.460"
Slides: Hand napped nickel silver
Mouthpipe: Nickel Silver
Bell: 4.75" yellow brass, 2-piece
Intonation Aids: First slide trigger, adjustable third slide ring
Mouthpiece: 7C trumpet
Finish: Clear lacquer or bright silver plate

Getzen 590 Capri Series Model Variations

The Getzen 590 Capri Series trumpet comes with or without a first valve trigger and in both lacquered yellow brass and silver-plate finish. Each of the options is listed below with corresponding model number.

  • 590 - yellow brass bell with first valve trigger
  • Getzen 590S - silver-plate finish with first valve trigger
  • Getzen 590-S Capri - yellow brass bell with first valve saddle
  • Getzen 590S-S - silver-plate finish with first valve saddle

I know, the model numbers are really confusing - too many S's!

Here are few pictures of the models with a first valve saddle.

Getzen 590-S

Getzen 590S-S

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What's Wrong with the Getzen 590 Capri Series Trumpet?

I searched all the forums and was hard pressed to find anything negative about the Getzen Capri Series trumpet. It truly is an excellent intermediate trumpet. A few reviewers did note that the Amado water keys need more frequent oiling than a standard lever style water key but the advantages of the Amado keys seem to be worth it. It was also noted that the Getzen Capri trumpet is pretty lightweight and the bell is easy to bend if dropped so it may not be best trumpet for a young student.

Great Horn and Super Smooth Valves

By far one of the most talked about features of the Getzen Capri trumpet is the amazing speed of the silky smooth valves as was noted by several reviewers,

Great horn for the price. Super smooth valves with the rubber rings instead of felts make a nice combo for lightning fast movement (with the right oil that is).

As of all Getzens and Edwards, the valves are the world's best. They are slick like butter, and are very sensitive. Perfect for players who play fast paced music.

...Great intermediate/Pro entry horn with lightning fast...legendary... Getzen valve action!!!

Getzen 590 Capri Last Word

Do we recommend the Getzen 590 Capri Trumpet? Yes we definitely do and here is why. First off, it's a Getzen which boasts of excellent craftsmanship and produces flawless sound quality. The Getzen 590 is known for producing a bright sound yet easily controlled with nice overtones.

Young users will appreciate the adjustable 3rd slide loop. Moreover, many music teacher recommend it instead of basic level horns which often produce lower resonance quality. The Getzen Capri Series trumpet plays quite well in all registers and is versatile enough for use in concert bands, jazz bands and ceremonial marching.

The valves on the Getzen 590 are nothing short of legendary, they are sleek like cut glass and move with grace and simplicity. Lastly, the Getzen 590 Capri has stood the test of time having been manufactured for for well over 25 years.

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