Getzen Eterna Classic Trumpet Review: Model 900S

Getzen 900s Eterna Classic trumpet

Getzen, a family-owned company that is famous for their top-of-the-line brass instruments, has finally brought back the classic Getzen 900S Eterna trumpet.

Ideal for the pros, this vintage model trumpet is anything but rusty and made our list of the best professional trumpets and overall top 15 trumpets available today.

It was initially introduced during the sixties as the Getzen 900 Eterna Severinsen when rhythm and blues were at its peak. Over a 40 year period the design changed slightly to accommodate the wants and needs of professional players (namely Doc Severinsen). Back by popular demand Getzen re-introduced the original Getzen Eterna 900 branded as the Getzen 900 Eterna Classic and it's a beauty!

The Eterna Classic has the same outstanding intonation and amazing free blowing capabilities of the original Eterna 900. This instrument is perfect for working musicians and advanced amateurs alike. At home playing all different kinds of musical contexts and genre, the Eterna Classic is a powerfully versatile trumpet that has a bright lead sound.

Getzen 900s Eterna Classic trumpet

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Getzen Eterna Classic Features

  • Exceptionally free blowing with excellent intonation
  • Bright lead sound
  • Hand-lapped nickel silver slide and valves
  • Wood shell black case protects from wear and tear, and provides a stylishly elegant look
  • Getzen Gold Warranty and Lifetime Valve Warranty

The Getzen Eterna Classic receives a perfect 5.0 (out of 5.0) star rating, and is an excellent choice for professional trumpeters and serious amateurs alike.

Getzen 900S Eterna Classic Trumpet Specifications

Key: Bb
Bore: Medium Large 0.460-inch
Leadpipe: Standard
Leadpipe Material: Nickel Silver
Bell: 4.75-inch two piece, Yellow Brass
Valves: Nickel Silver - Hand Lapped
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Ring
Finish: Silver

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Not a Beginners Trumpet

It's hard to find anything wrong with the Getzen Eterna Classic but it should be noted this is a horn designed for more advanced players as this one reviewer noted,

"Most amateurs may find this instrument a bit difficult to control. This is normal since this classic trumpet was designed for more advanced students and pros. It requires certain tuning and it can only be maximized with a skillful musician. Regular oiling for maintenance is advisable to keep it in good condition."

Blow Like a Pro

As you can imagine this horn garnishes rave reviews from pro-level players who have said,

"If I could only own one current production trumpet for under 2K this would be it. The nickel plated valves are incredible. (sure beats monel) Play it once and you will understand. I am in love with mine!"

"I had read a lot about this legendary trumpet and decided that I wanted to own one. I am VERY happy with it. Just as I expected, it was very free-blowing with that bright, "lead" sound that it is known for. But when I first played it, I was surprised to find that it also has a very rich, full sound, amazingly similar to a Bach Stradivarius."

The Getzen Eterna Classic trumpet provides high quality tone at a very decent price. It is built to last and will consistently give you the best music experience that you could ever dreamed of. It is a one-of-a-kind instrument that will completely blow you away.

Is the Getzen 900S Eterna Classic Right For You

At the end of the day, it is all about choosing the trumpet that is right for you. If you like that bright lead sound that will never grow old and will truly last a lifetime the Getzen Eterna Classic might be perfect for you. It is a fabulous trumpet that perfectly personifies the musicians of the past as it blows its way towards the present with it's free blowing style and excellent intonation that many customers love.

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3 thoughts on “Getzen Eterna Classic Trumpet Review: Model 900S

  1. I have a Conn Constellation Cornet H70054 which I love! It is in impeccable condition. My husband purchased it new in 1976 . It has a lot of sentimental value to me. I have begun to play more frequently and was interested in finding another Constellation cornet/trumpet. or another with a special tone! While searching I came across such wonderful comments on this beautiful 900S Getzen. I am eager to try one. If there is a used one out there, please contact me!!

    1. I’ll let you know if I come across one. I may need to add a used horn section to the site, since I get a lot of inquiries for quality used instruments!

  2. I have a getzen eterna 700 which is as Bret Getzen says, the closest thing in the Getzen catalogue to an eterna 900, with little in terms of noticeable differences. It plays like a dream. I’ll sell it for 550 to any interested Parties call 571 480 1162

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