Giardinelli Trumpet (Model GTR-512) Review

Giardinelli GTR 512 Trumpet

Giardinelli, long known for making excellent trumpet mouthpieces, enters the trumpet market with the Giardinelli trumpet (GTR 512) -- the first Giardinelli trumpet. Giardinelli's goal was simple: to offer a quality instrument at the lowest possible price.

To do so, Giardinelli teamed up with Amati, a leading European manufacturer, to develop a professional-quality horn that sells at an intermediate trumpet price! The Giardinelli trumpet receives rave reviews and made our list of best intermediate trumpets and top 15 trumpets in the intermediate trumpet category.

Giardinelli trumpet

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  • Traditional style, responsive and free-blowing in all registers
  • Rich, full tone that is on the dark side
  • Hand-lapped stainless steel pistons are silky smooth
  • Hand-engraved bell adds stylish flair
  • Professional grade trumpet at half the price of the leading competitors

Purchasers of this horn give it a rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5).


Giardinelli GTR 512 TrumpetKey: Bb
Bore: 0.460-inch medium-large
Leadpipe: Standard
Leadpipe Material: Red Brass
Bell: 4.9-inch Yellow or Red Brass, plasma welded
Valves: Stainless Steel Piston
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Ring
Includes hard shell case and thickwall Giardinelli mouthpiece
Available in gold, silver, and black

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How Giardinelli Trumpets Are Made

I mentioned above that Giardinelli teamed up with Amati to cost effectively produce the Giardinelli trumpet in the Czech Republic. Here's a glimpse into the Amati factory where skilled craftsman hand-produce all their instruments. The video is in Czech but you get the picture.


The Giardinelli trumpet receives high praise from both student and professional trumpet players alike,

The GTR-512 can definitely hang with best and is worth considering in your search for a great playing horn

This is a great horn that can keep up with my Bach Strad 37 lightweight, 1938 Buescher 400, 1941 LA Olds Super, and definitely better than my student model horns(1952 LA Olds Ambassador, 1963 Holton Collegiate, Holton T602).

Awsome horn!!!

The Giardinelli GTR 512 pro trumpet is the best I've ever used. Its quality of tone is very good, especially if you have a high register. I used it in a concert setting, but it's just as good for marching purposes.

Bottom Line

The Giardinelli trumpet is one that advanced students will love and most professionals will find quite impressive. It builds upon the virtues of their student model with heavier bracing, a 1st slide saddle, two water keys, mother-of-pearl cap buttons, rose brass mouthpipe and slide crooks, and impeccable craftsmanship from top to bottom including perfectly hand-lapped stainless pistons. The Giardinelli GTR-512 trumpet is as advertised, a professional-quality instrument at an intermediate price.

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