LJ Hutchen Trumpet Review

LJ Hutchen Trumpet with Case

The LJ Hutchen trumpet is one of the best selling student trumpets available and made it onto our list of one the 5 best student trumpets. This trumpet is a quality instrument with excellent tone and smooth valve action.

The LJ Hutchen trumpet is an excellent instrument for the beginning or intermediate musician. It also comes with an attractive and sturdy case. You will not find a better quality trumpet anywhere near this price range.



  • Professional bell and bore size for excellent sound, resonance, and intonation
  • Rose lead pipe offers superior intonation
  • Braced tuning slide to maintain alignment
  • Stainless steel valves and nickel slides to prevent corrosion
  • Includes: Plush lined hard case, Yamaha valve oil and 2 year warranty!


  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: 0.454"
  • Bell Diameter: 4 7/8"
  • Lead Pipe: Rose brass
  • Body Material: Yellow brass
  • Bell Material: Yellow brass
  • Weight: Medium
  • Key Buttons: Plastic
  • Finish: Clear epoxy lacquer
  • Pistons/Valves: Stainless steel
  • Mouthpiece: 7C

Excellent Craftsmanship Backed by 2-yr Warranty

LJ Hutchen Trumpet CloseUp

If you are worried about the quality of this instrument, here is the assurance given by the manufacturer of the great value you'll get when you buy the LJ Hutchen trumpet:

  • Well-designed, avoiding any frustration with technical malfunctions by a learner
  • Made from the best materials money can buy
  • Double-bench tested to meet stringent quality tests
  • An outstanding option for student musicians
  • Comes with a full 2-year warranty

As stated in the Hyson Music video below, the 2-year comprehensive warranty covers everything except damage from neglect, theft or loss.

The Company Behind LJ Hutchen Trumpet

LJ Hutchen is designed by Paul Effman, who is the owner of Paul Effman Music Service. Paul Effman Music Service provides band programs to schools throughout the country, so they are professional educators and music professionals. The LJ Hutchen trumpet is sold by Hyson Music an online subsidiary of Paul Effman Music Service and is available through Amazon.

Paul's mission was to develop a series of instruments that would be affordable, but also be adequate for student musicians.

The cornerstone of their success has been their service and personal interaction with each horn. Every single instrument is bench-tested by master repair technicians in New York.

Hyson stands behind their product and warranty unlike any other manufacturer of band instruments, which is why I think they have accumulated so many positive reviews over the past ten years.

This statement is evident in customer reviews of the horn,

"...when you call with questions about the horn at Hyson music, you get to talk to a real person. In my case, it was Jesse Elfman, the "J" in LJ Hutchen. He was quite informative and a pleasure to speak with about their products."

Designed For Student Players

LJ Hutchen Trumpet Water Valve
While the LJ Hutchen is not a professional's first-choice instrument, it is an absolutely wonderful trumpet for any beginner and it would serve its purpose for many happy years.

The LJ Hutchen trumpet has over 150 5-star ratings by very happy customers on Amazon and rave reviews like these:

"I purchased the LJ Hutchen trumpet for my son and am extremely satisfied with the product..."

"If you need a good concert quality trumpet without spending a thousand dollars, this is the horn for you!"

"A perfect choice and a fantastic value..."

Minor Valve Adjustments May Be Needed

Several reviewers noted that the valves might need a slight adjustment when you first receive the horn,

"The other users are right on target about the valves being turned funny in the chambers, but that's easy to fix. Simply unscrew the tops of each valve chamber (not the stem itself), and turn them until they click. When seated properly, air should be able to be blown freely through the trumpet with all the valves up. If not, simply try turning them again. With a good eye you can line up the holes in the valves with the trumpet."

Most of these comments were a few years old so hopefully the issue has been resolved. If not, it seems like an easy fix and I'm sure the folks at Hyson Music will gladly help if it is an issue at all.

Quality Student Trumpet at Great Price

LJ Hutchen Trumpet case

Overall, most of the reviews about this trumpet have been very positive an indicate it is a quality student trumpet at a great price as advertised,

Fine starter
"...I bought this instrument for a 9-year-old boy who is just beginning to play. He loves this trumpet, and I love hearing him play. He is making amazing progress. The instrument sounds wonderful, is solidly constructed, and easy to maintain. I think that it is a perfect choice and a fantastic value."

Fine first trumpet for young band student
"My 6th grader begged for his own (rather than rental) trumpet for his first year in band. This instrument has proven a fine investment at a very modest price. The tone is fine and the trumpet has many features that are appreciated by players with smaller hands, including a secure finger grip hold. My son's private instructor trained at Juilliard and agreed that given the price, you just can't beat this instrument. It is head and shoulders above similarly priced instruments."

Great company, great product, great service. This is the one you want!
"I purchased this trumpet in Sept. for my son after doing some diligent Internet research on affordable trumpets. I didn't want to rent-to-own a Jupiter and pay more than $850 through the school rental program. After talking to every parent, music teacher and music store person I could find about what to look for in a quality trumpet, I took a chance on the LJ Hutchen trumpet and received it three days later thanks to fast shipping. I recently had it evaluated by a master instrument repairman at the local university with more than 25 years of experience and he said it was a quality instrument from top to bottom and was impressed by its construction. I also spoke with the company's repair tech. whose dad started the family-owned L.J. Hutchen company and he was completely conversational and accommodating and encouraged me to call anytime I had a question or needed anything. Very unusual service in these days of outsourcing customer service. The 2-year warranty provides peace of mind on top of the good service. The naysayers said it couldn't be done - getting a quality, new trumpet for less than $250 and L.J. Hutchen proves them wrong. If you crave inexpensive quality like me, this is the one you want!"

LJ Hutchen Trumpet with Case

LJ Hutchen Trumpet Looks Like a Winner!

Do we recommend the LJ Hutchen trumpet? Yes we definitely do and here is why.

The sheer fact this instrument has over 175 customer reviews with an average 4.8 (out of 5.0) star rating says a lot about this quality student trumpet. Most parents that purchased this affordable trumpet for their child have been very happy.

The LJ Hutchen trumpet has excellent sound quality, tone and smooth valve action as reported by experienced players who purchased this horn for their student player.

What stands out most in customer reviews of the LJ Hutchen trumpet is the company behind the instrument. Hyson Music backs their trumpet by a full 2-year warranty and is readily available to answers questions or repair your trumpet if needed.

Sounds like a winner to me!

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